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 "...reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen's and Dave Barry's novels, but with far less bloodshed -- and just as much eccentricity!" Rambles.NET

"Fast-paced, rum-laced, but certainly not strait-laced--and you won't be straight-faced as you turn the pages of this hilarious comic romp." Bob Sanchez, author of When Pigs Fly


"Lynne is one  talented, Calypso-kissed writer. The marine community of the lesser Antilles will never be the same!" Cap'n Fatty Goodlander, Cruising World Magazine Editor-At-Large and author of Chasing the Horizon .

Lynne Hinkey, author, writes Laugh-out-loud funny and thought provoking humorous fiction and satire in the magical realism tradition.

Book cover, Marina Melee by Lynne M Hinkey



George H. Marshall III has it all, and he wants to get away from it—women, a busy social calendar, and his so-called career in the family oil business. Determined to prove to his parents that he is more than a spoiled, womanizing, over-aged adolescent, George buys Porto da Vida Marina on the small island of São Jorge. What could be an easier road to business success than running a marina on a tropical island?


As mishap piles on disaster, George realizes his new life in paradise isn't all about sitting under palm trees sipping umbrella drinks. Between his wayward staff, the governor's hot-to-trot wife, a lift truck possessed by jumbies, and a host of other island disasters-natural and human-George finds that living the easy life is hard work.

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