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The  Un-Familiar
A Tale of Cats and Gods

ISBN-13-978-1934081525  (print)

ISBN-9781370403615 (ebook)

Science, magic, and myth collide when the chupacabra returns.


The Un-Familiar picks up the tale of the chupacabra and his familiar, Señora Milagros Hernán, two years after Ye Gods! Now, Señora Milagros is ready to retire, but her replacement, Carmen del Toro, is missing. Without Carmen, the god they serve--a merciful god sometimes known as the chupacabra--remains weak and vulnerable to predation by other gods. Carmen is destined to be the most powerful familiar in millennia and whoever has her will have full access to the power she wields. With natural disasters striking in a most unnatural manner, Señora Milagros suspects there's something supernatural behind both the weather and her apprentice's disappearance.

Milagros will have to use cunning and some underhanded tactics to recruit help in her search from Police Captain Eddie Corredor, college-bound Kiki Cristatello, and best-selling author Jack Halliman. None of them are in a hurry to assist her, but Kiki's boss, the new oceanography professor, is more than keen to help. Is the charming Dr. Joe Raines interested in Milagros, or in her apprentice? The answer could have dire consequences, not just for Milagros's retirement, but for the whole world.

"There is magic in this book...a pitch-perfect tale that will hit the spot whether you’re a fan of fantasy or of science—or that most unusual of creatures: a fan of both."  The Internet Review of Books

"...a purely delightful sequel to Lynne M. Hinkey's Ye Gods, the first book in the series...very recommended... You will not be disappointed!" Rambles.Net

Ye Gods!
A Tale of Dogs and Demons

ISBN-13-978-1934081488  (print)

ISBN-9781310851797  (ebook)

Is the chupacabra real or myth? Dog only knows.

Author Jack Halliman, accompanied by his loyal dog and first mate, Hanna, sails to Puerto Rico looking for a cure for his writer's block. Instead, he finds a dead body. With chickens, dogs, and livestock dropping like flies, the mayor has an answer: the legendary chupacabra is back. The problem is, no one on the island can agree on what, exactly, the chupacabra is. Legendary beast, vampire, or alien? As the conniving mayor, a dogged detective, a voodoo-practicing fourteen-year-old, and the local "witch" drag him deeper into the investigation, Jack has to separate reality from mythology.


On an island where UFO sightings, conspiracy theories, and superstition abound, the lines between men and monsters, monsters and gods, and in this case, between gods and a dog, are thin and blurry. Is the chupacabra real, or myth? Dog only knows. It's a shame no one's asking him.


"...laugh-out-loud funny from beginning to end..." Amy R. Biddle, author of The Atheist's Prayer.


"Delightful. Fast paced and exciting..."  T. Francis Sharp, author of Second Dead.

"...reminded me of the classic Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins." Ted Kelsey, author of the award-winning novel, Olga.

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Review Award.

Marina Melee covers
Marina Melee

ISBN-13-978-1934081327  (print) Currently out of print, but contact me directly to purchase a copy!

ISBN-9781465887917  (ebook)

This is the easy life?

George H. Marshall III has it all, and he wants to get away from it so he does what any 43-year-old, thrice-divorced playboy would do: he sails away to the Caribbean. Determined to prove to his parents (and himself) that he is more than a spoiled, womanizing, over-aged adolescent, George buys Porto da Vida Marina on the small island of São Jorge.

Within days, George faces his first hurricane and its aftermath. Then he finds out that was the easy part. Between his wayward staff, the governor's hot-to-trot wife, a lift truck possessed by jumbies, and a host of other island disasters--natural and human--George is working harder than ever.


Who knew living the easy life was so hard?


"...reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen's and Dave Barry's novels, but with far less bloodshed -- and just as much eccentricity!"  Rambles.NET

"I just put down Lynne Hinkey's new book--and can't stop laughing. She's got a great comic ear fo' de island riddims, me son!"  Cap'n Fatty Goodlander, marine journalist and Editor-At-Large, Cruising World magazine.


"...a great read...filled with humor, awkward encounters, beautiful descriptions, and rum – lots of rum and tropical drinks."  Online Book Club reviews.

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