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Short Stories

Here are links to just a few of my published short stories. I hope you enjoy them!

After the hurricane, we were inextricably bound by the new calendar that defined our lives. Forever more, all things would be divided into before- or after-Marilyn. 

This creative nonfiction essay reflecting on hurricane recovery appears in the Sunlight Press Summer 2018 issue. After Hurricane Marilyn devastated my home, St. Thomas, USVI, on the night of September 15-16, 1995, life was forever changed. But, as happens, somewhere over the hard months afterwards, recovery became recovered.

Aurea Mortem

Samuel Tucker, perpetual runner-up, is certain he'll be the winner of this year's Aurea Mortem, one of the most prestigious--and most secret--of undertaking accolades.


In the June 2017 issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction Magazine. The story appears about half way in the issue, so scroll down until you see the image shown here. Brilliant Flash Fiction is all about having fun. "I'm looking for stories that are fun to read, and that are maybe even amazing. I think the best stories reveal how much the author enjoyed writing them."

Maybe Tomorrow

Life is exhausting for Debbie: Getting gold, winning the blue ribbon, being the best. An inspiration. A role model. That’s all they ever talked about: her parents, her coaches, her trainers. Oh, to be average. Typical. Normal.

Published in the Fall 2014 issue of Two Hawks Quarterly, "a digital literary journal brought to you by writers in the BA in Liberal Studies Creative Writing Concentration at Antioch University Los Angeles. Two Hawks is dedicated to sparking debate and discussion by exposing the world to the most daring, lyrical, and edgy poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and experimental writing available."

Golf Goes On

Around the clubhouse, the four men were known as “The Old Putters.” They'd been playing together for decades and their daily round was inviolable. Not even death can come between The Old Putters and their game.

Published in the July 21, 2014 "Great Friendships" issue of Infective Ink..."the expansion and consumption of the fiction section at NGX was dedicated to humour and found that the majority of the fiction we rejected was really quite good, but did not meet our humour requirement. Turning away wonderful stories soon became tiresome, and the seed of Infection was born. We would be a repository for all sorts of fiction, all genres and styles - the idea was then warped into something that would keep us compelled long into the future."

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